DOWNBEAT by Robin Tolfeson 
SPIRIT OF LIGHT is the first release by the group AXIOM and features the strong guitar work of Peter Templer throughout. He propels tunes with choppy funky riffs, blows into overdrive for blues-rock assaults, and Leads odd time melody lines around vocalist Arnold McCuller on "ALL AROUND YOU'.  Saxman Bryan McCann and bassist Morrow Fleet are solid throughout, and drummer Phil Templer makes a lot of different grooves work.
JAZZ TIMES: by Chuck Berg  AXIOM is a dynamite little fusion band that will knock your socks off. Composed of guitarist Peter Templer, drummer Phil Templer, saxman Bryan McCann, and electric bassist Morrow Fleet. The quartet is augmented in its dashing debut, SPIRIT OF LIGHT (Cexton CR527) by pianists David Benoit and tyrone Bowers, percussionist Richard Cantu, and a quintet off fine vocalists.  "-STREET TALK' is a sassy strut with salty work from Templer's guitar, McCann's sax and Benoit's piano. Also noteworthy is Fleet's exuberant slap and solo bass – the groove is great! In contrast is the ballad "KNOWING THAT I HAVE YOU" where singer Raj Seneveratne croons with sensual brio.  In all, AXIOM is a solid outfit with lots of commercial potential in the contemporary marketplace.

MUSIC CONNECTION.- by Scott Yanow I had the pleasure of seeing the up-and-coming electronic jazz group AXIOM at Sasch's in the Valley, a rock club that features fusion groups on Sunday nights. Led by brothers drummer Phil and guitarist Peter Templer, AXIOM features strong originals, funky grooves and excellent solos from its leaders, the tenor sax of Alan Palmer, keyboardistDavid Hayes and the funky electric bassist Ellwood Bowen, who can be quite humorous. AXIOM looks like it has a strong future.  
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